Multimedia Archiving

Your delegates can access all the conference presentations, keynote speeches in HD quality after the conference takes place, and they won’t miss any of the parallel sessions when they have to choose only one at a time.


Live Streaming

Wizney Multimedia Solutions have developed many new initiatives by using cutting edge technologies to live stream conferences, symposia and any upcoming event not only in the UK but also throughout the rest of the world!


Conference Website

We understand that every conference is different, that’s why we work closely with you to provide web solutions that fit the way you run your event. We design and build professional websites for conference, symposium and any upcoming event.


Conference Website Design

every conference is different, that’s why we work closely with you to provide web solutions that fit the way you run your event.

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Online registration & payment

Interactive venue map

Animated count down

Add dates to dairy

Live programme updating

Download e-brochure

Newsletter Subscribing



Extremely easy to use

Private messaging

Delegate’s status update

Photo, video, audio sharing

Delegate’s profile exchange

On-going discussion forum

Comprehensive report



HD video & audio live streaming

Question & comment to speaker

Multi-screen interface

Real-time presentation slides

No software install needed

On PC/Mac, iPhone, Android

Interactive, poll, questionnaire



Accessible for all mobile devices

HD video and audio playback

All sessions recording included

Paperless and Eco-friendly

Accessible from anywhere

Materials Archived permanently

On demand support


What you see is what you get

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What did people say about us


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Contact Wizney today, and we will make your conference a "MUST ATTEND" event!

Every conference is different, that’s why we work closely with you to provide the web solutions that fit the way you run your event. We understand that making contacts is one of the main reasons that people go to conferences, so we have included a unique social networking site to allow your delegates to engage with each other as if they were meeting in a real room. We use the power of the social networking platform to enhance the communication between all the delegates and the speakers. Your delegates can meet each other online, introduce themselves, send private messages and even create a discussion group.


With the current economic climate, people are seeking ways to reduce the cost of travel and accommodation. Therefore, we have been developing many new initiatives by using the latest online streaming technologies to broadcast your conference, symposium or any upcoming event throughout the UK and the rest of the world.


We always think ahead of the game, we record all the sessions and use the cutting edge multimedia technologies to archive your conference to DVDs, USB sticks, and an online web-server for your delegates to purchase at the end of the events, so your delegates will not miss a single session of the conference.




Get In Touch

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